Health Coach training

Despite advances in medical sciences, the UK is still faced with some very basic challenges to long term health.

Obesity and Diabetes

The number of obese adults is forecast to rise by 73% over the next 20 years from to 26 million people, resulting in more than a million extra cases of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


Stress and chronic ill health in the workplace costs £100bn
- Dame Carole Black, ISMA Conference 2009


Every year, over 100,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes.

We have developed an easy way to become involved in the emerging multi million pound industry of personal health. Already the nation spends millions on trying to improve physical fitness whilst being unable to address simple and easily managed habit control.

Our system depends upon you delivering a simplified system of interventions that have been refined within our clinics over 30 years.

This system will appeal to anyone who has a sincere interest in health and wellbeing.

Mens sana in corpore sano  'A sound mind in a sound body'

Course dates


We appreciate the difficulty of buying out time to attend courses - even ones that offer a new and lucrative career.

For this reason we have kept the course costs low and will arrange training days to suit you, either weekdays or weekends - at our premises or yours

And if you have a friend or colleague who can combine with you we will reduce the costs even more. (See course fees below.)


This course is completed in 4 modules completed over 4 days. The course is supported by comprehensive notes.

Following the weekends there is 30 hours of supervised case work.

Day 1
Module 1  Stress

Physiology of stress ‘fight / flight’
Perception vs. reality
4 stages of learning
Immune system under attack
Relaxation response

Day 2
Module 2 Techniques of change

Basic visualisation techniques
Rapport and Motivational interviewing
NLP and the psychology of change
Basics of CBT to change thinking
Habit control and pattern disruption

Day 3
Module 3 Obesity / Diabetes

Nutrition and modern food choices
The insulin response and diabetes
Toxic foods and a cynical food industry
Hunter / gatherer thinking
Habit control for weight issues

Day 4
Module 4 Smoking

Tobacco industry ethics
Psychology of the smoker
Physical effects of smoking
Support systems for smokers
Habit control for smokers

Course fees

For groups or individuals

Option 1 - course held at our premises in Liverpool or at your venue within 10 miles of Liverpool
1 person                £690 each
2 persons              £590 each
3 persons +           £490 each

Option 2 - you provide the premises and we travel to you

Price depends on distance and numbers

This is an amazing opportunity to enter one of the most challenging and rewarding sectors of therapeutic change.

With the imminent shake-up of the NHS much more control will be in the hands of the GPs, who will be looking for cost effective ways to improve the health of their patients.

Fees of £30 - £60 per hour are available for the services of Health Coaches